Dancing Weed with an eye

I never post any blurry footage but I am making an exception of this one. This Crested Weedfish was one of the species I am looking for at Clifton Garden.

Five minutes into the dive, in the clearest part of the water, suddenly it danced around in front of my camera... WOW.... 
Then see 27 sec into the video, it stopped, gave me a look and went straight at so quick, faster than I can back paddled hahahah so cute.


My buddy who dive here often said the best time to dive this site is mid-tide running out. 

Wednesday 22nd May'19 

HT: 10.56am, 1.2m

We entered around 10.45am for 100min bottom time.


Enter via pool, swim directly towards the middle part of the jetty, descend then go under the net to go out.

Swim left or right.

There is so much critters around the pylon



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