Giant Cuttlefish

Terrigal haven is an interesting place to dive, it looks ordinary to start with then you just never know what's around the corner. This time we were blessed as nature kindly granted us good viz & calm water and then this gentle giant cuttlefish came out from his hiding and spent time with us just before a bunch of divers came and kicking the sand everywhere.

Happy Monday peeps! Easter is coming up and wish you all a great week.




Camera: Olympus TG5 with Ikelite housing

Lights: 2 iDivesite Pro 8 lights on arm tray

Settings: 120fps, WB 4200, iso 400



Entry via the stairs near boatramp. Be careful of rocks around the beach in front of the stairs as you walk in during high tide. Compass is 330, North to go out, South to go back. 

Swim towards the group of boats in the deeper side, descend there. You'll see seagrass then keep going you will see rocks boulder.

Follow rocks on the right to go out, rocks on the left to come back 


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