First year diving

Personal Milestones: 
1 year diving | 125 dives | 105 hours underwater

This time last year I was in Lake Eacham, Cairns for scuba training and thought diving was an impossible skill to learn...
Now I can't seems to have enough time with the critters.

Thanks to Feet First Dive for superb dives yesterday. I got to dive with Sharks which I feared so much last year, what a great way to mark the year.

This first year of diving also presented a number of opportunities that I never thought before:
💧 I got one of my videos licensed by buzz videos , 
💧I'm excited to continue to support Lyndi Jackson Leggett and Scuba Gym 
💧I'm looking forward to working with Sue Newson and Nathan Bass to produce videos for Jervis Bay Marine Discovery Centre

Skills development plan this year is to get dodgy ankle better and fitness level up, practice swimming, get Rescue certified and maybe drysuit.

Dive trips planned this year are Alor and Yongala and maybe Denmark/Silfra.


Dive Site: North Rock, Port Stephen

Type of diving: Boat Dive

Dive Operator: Feet First Dive

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